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Yankee Personnel must possess the character and traits of Mature, Responsible Individuals with proven track records and unblemished references. Professionalism and integrity are the base tenets we build upon. “No room fordiscussion” traits such as:

    * communicative abilities
    * discreteness
    * personal appearance
    * confidence and self-esteem
    * honesty coupled with “street smarts”

are the characteristics we look for in our Screening Process. A candidate’s EducationalBackground is reviewed and evidence of good health is necessary.

A potential employee’s Personal Appearance is of utmost importance to us. Our inspection and review of personal hygiene and general appearance begins with the first interview. If the prospective employee meets our high standards in this area, he is complimented, told exactly what we expect and, of course, issued a quality and adequate supply of uniform. Our standard uniform is Blue Blazer, Gray Slacks, White Shirt, Stripped Tie and Black Shoes.

Prior Employment History and Personal References are thoroughly investigated to verify and attest to the caliber of the individual being considered.

Psychological Profiles are determined by lengthy one-on-one interviews. On-going evaluations maintain and update this profile. Employee mental health assistance is offered to employees under personal stress.

Immigration Laws are strictly adhered to. The filing of an I-9 form is mandatory of each employee. Proof of Citizenship or Current Papers and OfficialDocumentation is subjected to close scrutiny.

Candidates for employment are Photographed and Fingerprinted. Employee statements and documentation is filed with the Secretary of State for further investigation.