Personnel Training  •  Screening  •  Supervisor/Manager


The Supervisor will normally exercise a day-to-day overview of the Personnel assigned to a site. He has the authority to make corrections, to issue routine operations and, with the knowledge and consent of the Client, to make changes in Personnel orders. When warranted, we try to have a working On-Site Supervisor. This On-Site

Supervisor will be the liaison person between the Client and Office.

More specifically the responsibilities of the Supervisor include but are not limited to the following:

    * To assure proper coverage per specifications as well as other coverage as         requested.
    * To review all security logs and reports.
    * To compile weekly payroll sheets, submitting them to main office for processing.

A Manager will meet and confer with Client on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to:

   * Receive instructions from management regarding needs.
   * Review security procedures.
   * Keep client abreast of all security developments.
   * Oversee a continued training process for appropriate performance with disciplinary       response when necessary.
   * Inspect premises and guards.